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Smitten with travelling? Then travel with Smitten!

Smitten with travelling? Then travel with Smitten!

It is approaching the time of year where most people take the opportunity to travel. Whether it be to spend Christmas with their families, or get as far away from their families as possible at Christmas and residing on a tropical island with no reception. Whichever you are, travelling is still involved and it helps to be not only well prepared but stylish doing it... and travelling as light weight as possible is always preferable these days! (due to the ever increasing luggage costs..eye roll.)

As merino wool is such a great material for travelling with its lightweight and non creasing qualities we often get asked on which smitten garments are the most versatile when travelling. 

Like most things it comes down to preference and style but there are a few standout items which will transform your travelling style, comfort and space ;) 

1) The superfine merino wrap/ scarf:


This is a MUST when it comes to travelling whether it be 2 hours on a bus or 20 hours on a plane. Transforming from a stylish scarf to a blanket to an elegant wrap to a pram cover to a poncho the biggest issue here is deciding which colour to get ???

Gorgeous Citrus..  Shop the full range of scarves  here

Gorgeous Citrus..  Shop the full range of scarves here

2) Merino Wool Leggings

Once you start wearing superfine merino wool leggings there is no going back. They are immediately promoted to best friend and you will struggle to part with them in the wash and need AT LEAST 2 pairs. TRUST ME>>>! When it comes to versatility these leggings are serious front runners..  paired with a longer top and cardigan they are perfect as as pant for travelling and sleeping in, your ideal walking pant,  work under dresses and skirts as stockings, as another layer of warmth under jeans or work pants, plus perfect for yoga, jogging.. you name it. Smitten offer a few different weights in leggings with options depending on  where you are travelling temperature wise. 


PLUS its not just black- you can get them in a range of colours and patterns..

Black keyhole leggings- shop  here  

Black keyhole leggings- shop here 

The final items we would prioritise as a travelling piece would be the short drape cardigan and the poncho. They are both perfect paired over leggings, jeans and dresses and can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion. 

Above is our best selling drape cardigan in blue night (left) and paprika (right)

The poncho comes in both classic and oversized depending on the look you are after. We have a huge range of colours and patterns available which are available here

But first we will tease you with a few our current favourites..

Well happy travelling Smitten lovers. May you always be warm and stylish..

Love the smitten team xxx



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