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The Family Behind the brand

The Family Behind the brand

As many of you do know, but for those that don’t- Smitten Merino is a family owned and run business. (insert awkward and badly timed family photo - plus new addition to the family Jaye, in the middle wondering what he got himself into)


Firstly the backbones of the brand are husband and wide duo Nic and Carl who were the founders of the brand back in 2007. They started modelling the clothing on daughters Holly and Brooke (aged 17 and 15 at the time) and occasionally some snaps of the kids range on son Daniel (11).


11 years later and Holly (26) is still the model of the business and the girl you see in all of the images. She also manages the social media and designs her own hat range Epitome Hats (another product you would see regularly featured in the photos.) She works regularly with Nic helping come up with design ideas and styling photoshoots. You may also see her weekly down at the Salamanca Market running the Smitten Merino Market stall. She has also started dabbling in some presenting and MC work around Hobart most recently at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards.

Brooke (24) has just finished her degree in Medicine and become a Doctor. She is about to relocate herself to Tweed Heads as her first year as an intern at Tweed Hospital. She is also a very talented surfer (hence the location of tweed heads as her preferred intern placement).

And the youngest human member of the Mason tribe is Daniel (now known as Danny.) The actual youngest member is Billie the labradoodle- featured below on Danny’s head. Daniel is the boy behind many of the Smitten images. He has a very creative flair which seems to run in the Mason bloodline and also has passion for creating handmade jewellery, surfing and skateboarding.

The real hard slog of the brand, the hand delivery of brochures you see scattered around Tassie, the constant new designs, colour ways and patterns, the photoshoots, the advertising, the styling and relentless ordering is all thanks to the powerhouse pair, Nic and Carl. Driven by their passion for creating a product that is wholly Tasmanian, using local manufacturing and local fabric, employing local people and dressing local customers. Their dream has become a reality and they are still and continue to be at the helm (along with half of the family). During this 11 years of building Smitten Merino they have faced their fair share of challenges, one of the biggest was in 2015 when Nic was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a combination of one VERY tight knit family and the drive and passion of her brand that got her through that scary and tough time and she is now as well as ever empowered to have a clothing label that has a heart.

So next time you make your Smitten purchase, now you know a little more about the family behind the brand that brings you your beautiful Smitten. We will leave you with a little video that was created about the brand.

All of our love,

The Mason Family

Wool in warm weather

Wool in warm weather